Tan Physics Review

Tan Physics is special hybrid tanning product that uses all natural ingredients that not only ensure a deep bronze tan but also moisturizers your skin with some of the most gentle and yet potent nutrient rich ingredients that will help reduce wrinkles, while breathing new life into dull looking skin.

If you are needing to get that perfect tan time and time again, then Tan Physics could be your savior!

Pros Of Tan Physics

  • All Natural Tanning Solution - The ingredient that is responsible for the rich bronze tan that will develop within 3 - 5 hours after application of Tan Physics is DHA, which is totally natural and is derived from Sugar Beets and Sugar Cain.
  • Powerful Moisturizer - This hybrid tanner is also a wonderful moisturizer that utilizes some of the most potent and yet gentle skin nutrients such as organic coconut oil, aloe vera, hydrolyzed collagen, and argan oil.
  • No Metallic Smell - There is nothing worse that applying a tanner that obviously looks fake and has that horrible accompanying metallic smell with it. Luckily, Tan Physics will not only give you a totally natural looking tan but it will leave you without any offensive smell!

Cons Of Tan Physics

  • Expensive - Tan Physics is expensive but that is until your start viewing it as a hybrid product that it is. This tanner contains a range of high potency, organic skin moisturizing agents that are not cheap when purchased individually. So this sunless tanner may be a bit more expensive but you will be getting far better overall results.