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As I mentioned in the Rexavar video you just watched on YouTube. No pill, including Rexavar can increase the size of your penis. It's just a physical impossibility. What Rexavar will do is increase your testosterone levels. That's it!

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Rexavar Review

Rexavar is a powerful "cocktail" of ingredients that was actually designed to increase the physical size of the penis. Unfortunately, no matter what anybody says, attempting this is nothing but wishful thinking. But what it does do (and does very well) is increase testosterone, boosts blood flow to the penis, while significantly increasing sexual desire.

If you are needing to reboot your sex drive and perform better in the bedroom, then Rexavar can totally revolutionize your performance and give you very hard and strong erections. But if you are thinking about taking this pill because you have been sold on the delusion that you can add inches to your penis by taking a pill...then you will be disappointed with the results.

Pros Of Rexavar

  • Potent Blend Of Ingredients - Each ingredient in this formula has a noticeable and profound effect at boosting your sexual performance. This blend of 11 ingredients works on multiple levels to help get you hard and turned on fast.
  • Safe To Take - Although there are prescription drugs formulated to help get you hard in the bedroom, they are all made using harsh chemicals, which come with some very nasty side effects (heart attacks anyone?). Rexavar uses all natural and safe ingredients that will relax the valves in the penis allowing blood to flow in.
  • Become Horny And Aroused - As a bonus (and this is something prescription drugs cannot do) Rexavar will also increase your levels of sexual desire so that you actually become more horny and aroused. This will increase your pleasure during intercourse and during foreplay.

Cons Of Rexavar

  • Will NOT Add Inches To Your Penis - It's unfortunate that this pill is marketed as a penis size enhancer rather than a sexual performance booster. No pill in existence can add size to your penis. Unfortunately, whatever genetics you have down there, you are just going to have to accept the cold fact that you cannot change the size.

    But since Rexavar will give you rock hard erections it may seem as if your penis is genetically larger but this is not the case. Your penis is only "bigger" because you're likely experiencing a much harder erection than what you may have been use to.