Neuroflexyn Re´╗┐view

Neuroflexyn is a powerful cognitive enhancement supplement that has been designed to work in a variety of ways to help improve memory, increase concentration and attention, and boost your overall mental performance.

If you are needing to reboot your brain and ensure that it's functioning optimally so that you can study, work and operate at a far greater capacity, then Neuroflexyn could be your savior!

Pros Of Neuroflexyn

  • Potent Blend Of Synergistic Ingredients - Each ingredient in this formula has been chosen to ensure that they are maximally synergistic with each other. Meaning that they work as a team to boost your brain power.
  • Backed By Scientific - The 5 main ingredients in this smart pill (Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, GABA, DMAE, and Phosphatidylcholine, have all been proven in multiple scientific studies to have a positive effect on brain chemistry.
  • Feeds Your Brain - Your brain is starving for the compound choline, which is missing in a lot of food we eat today. Neuroflexyn provides this compound in an easily assimilated pill that your brain will be thanking you for and reward you with a strengthened memory and increased mental output.

Cons Of Neuroflexyn

  • Vivid Dreams - Huperzine A is a compound people often take before bed to help them achieve lucid dreams. But it can also interrupt the sleep of light sleepers. So if don't sleep well at night, take Neuroflexyn earlier in the day.
  • No Racetams - I would have liked it if this formula also contained a racetam such as Piracetam as it would give this blend a nice added boost. But I also recommend additionally taking this for even more powerful results.